About the Project

Fargo Walking Tours is a project launched in summer 2020 through The Nice Center at NDSU to create art and history walking tours for downtown Fargo! Civic Innovation Force Fellows Emily Hopfauf and DeAnna Hurley originally started the idea at pitch event hosted by The Nice Center. We are currently in the process of designing self-guided tours which will enhance the vibrant culture of Fargo, and are open to any and all feedback!

Why aren't we tourists in our own cities?

When I went looking for a picture of Fargo, the city I call home, where I've spent the majority of the past four years, the selection was thin. In contrast, my photo storage is filled with images from trips and every single thing I found interesting during the summer I lived in Milwaukee.

This is why we are embarking on a project to design a series of Fargo walking tours. Sometimes we need a little assistance to appreciate what is in our own backyard. It is easy to overlook the remarkable things we see everyday.

We also believe that by starting this project, the collection of art, history, and places forming the character of Fargo will continue to be recognized and grow. So join us as we work to bring together a collection of walking tours to celebrate Fargo, ND.