Check out the Artist Pages to learn more about all of the amazing artists that contributed to Fargo Walking Tours with quotes, audio clips, and pictures!

Downtown Fargo Community Partnership

DFCP shared some amazing pictures to use along with suggested tour locations and places to advertise!

Fargo-Moorhead Convension

and Visitors Bureau

Fargo-Moorhead Convension and Visitors Bureau made research a breeze from the information about the Bison Statues on their website to helping us find the artists of other downtown artworks!

Fargo Parks District

Fargo Parks District met with us to talk about the project and they also have been great help with advertising.

Fargo Underground

Fargo Underground inspired us while on this endeavor. They have a Historic Fargo Downtown Audio Tour to check out of you want more content!


Folkways assisted with in the project from the beginning by helping us make connections, collecting research for the tours, promoting our website, and more!

Gia "Giacaches" Rassier

A timely partnership, Gia was already working on creating an art Adventure Lab when she discovered Fargo Walking Tours. Gia spent her personal time and knowledge on the creation of the two Fargo art Adventures, and to say that we merely helped provide some feedback and ideas is a better way to put it.

Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County

HCSCC gave us many tips and tricks for starting a tour! They also helped with research and leads for furthering our research.

Kilbourne Group

The Kilbourne group has information on the history of many buildings downtown and supported our research efforts.

NDSU A/LA Department

Thank you for assisting in our research efforts and providing access to tech support.

NDSU Archives

NDSU Archives was a great resource to gather history of certain artworks and buildings.

One Million Cups, Fargo

Thank you for helping us advertise and announce Fargo Walking Tours to the entrepreneurs of Fargo-Moorhead.

Otter Tail County Historical Society

Otter Tail County Historical Society provided support and guidance from the onset by chatting about what makes tours successful, how to create a tour, and knowing your target audience.

Plains Art Museum

Plains Art Museum provided information on all of the works in their collection along the tours and have been very supportive of anything we need in this endeavor!

Pocket Sites

Pocket Sites offers a selection of tours created by NDSU that can be found in Tours by Others.

The Nice Center at NDSU

We saved the biggest influence for last: The Nice Center at NDSU is what made this project possible. They provided the opportunity to create Fargo Walking Tours along with sharing guidance, funding, connections, input, and more!