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Fargo City Hall Art Panel Project

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Quote from Catie Miller spoken by Emily Hopfauf

Conception Photo Credit: Catie Miller


Catie Miller's Written Quote:

"While creating the composition and sketches for the project, the twelve panels were divided up evenly to represent the past, the present, and the future of Fargo. I began my research chronologically looking at archives of Fargo through primary images and written accounts. A focus on the Red River, the railroad, and agriculture became the central themes seen throughout the 12 panels. Other details such as Island Park, manufacturing, and aviation support these larger themes.

In telling the story of Fargo, the first 1-4 panels represent The Past. The city was built its economy on the land and the access to the river. Throughout the design you will see railroads, steamboats, farming, and the creation of the growth of the city.

For panels 4 through 8 representing The Present, I wanted to visualize the update to the city motto, from “Gateway to the West” to the “City of Parks,” in highlighting some of the green spaces. While considering how the motto “Gateway to the West,” would translate to present time. I included the crossroads of interstate highways as well as the international access we have through aviation.

Lastly, The Future, panels 8-12 dive into the Fargo Go 2030 plan and the input from community members of their envisioned future.In these panels you will see community gatherings in all seasons, arts and cultural events that bring people together, and a renewed focus on green energy and innovation.

Overall, the 12 panels are designed to work together as a group, but are strong enough to stand-alone. I hope what I have created highlights some of our best attributes of Fargo, the strength and resilience of our region as well as the creativity and forward thinking of our community."

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