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"I am a self-taught artist. I have been an artist for most of my adult life. I am known as a multi-media artist. Most of my work has been done in acrylics, but I paint in oils and encaustic (molten, pigmented beeswax and natural resin). I also sculpt using wire and paper, concrete, or clay. I like to aim for things which have not yet been done. I also like to add humor and playfulness to my works of art. Color is what I am known for. My style is whimsical, abstract. I like to use puns and plays on words in my titles. I always have something up my sleeve! Be on the lookout for new art to come."

Sky Trees

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Quote from Emily Williams-Wheeler spoken by DeAnna Hurley


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"This current installation on the Broadway Skyway has been in the works for over a year and a half. My grant proposal was accepted by the Arts and Culture Commission in late 2019. The City Commission approved the project in March of 2020. I began the 9' long painting in April. The original was scanned at Knight Printing here in Fargo and sent over to Office Sign Company where they printed the 55' x 11' painting, dividing it into 10 perforated panels. The perforation is so while in the skyway, a person can still see out.

My favorite aspect of this installation is that it is so big. The colors can be seen almost from Main Ave! My goal was to bring color to a really gray downtown in the middle of winter. The best part is that it brings color to downtown in all seasons."

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