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Paul Ide's Story

Paul Ide received his art degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead and now is an Aerosol Artist (AKA Graffiti Artist or Street Artist). He has done some of the most iconic pieces in downtown Fargo.

Wheat Mural

North Art Tour

A Quote from the Artist:

Quotes by Paul Ide from Inform:

"The wear and tear of the years and the weather is kind of what makes it so interesting and why it makes it so fun to paint."

"It's a step out of most people's comfort zone to see that. It's an assault on your eyes - a pleasant one, but it gets your attention."


Check out the time lapse video the Kilbourne Group did below!

Peacock Mural

North Art Tour

A Thought from the Artist:

Quote by Paul Ide from WDAY:

“The different spots that I or a group of people and myself have painted, people are getting senior portraits in front of all the time. There's a good response in the community, people are liking what's happening.”


Penguin Mural

South Art Tour

This mural was created as part of "Hip Hop Don't Stop," an event that occurred for several years and featured aerosol mural creation, hip hop music, singing, and dance. These pieces were created by a collection of artists and most do not exist anymore, such as the mural inspired by Kung Fu Panda in the video. (Sound warning)


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