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No Time for Despair:

*Current as of August 2020*

Artist: Pasteur Mudende - Youth Teaching Artist at Plains Art Museum

Quote from Plains Art Museum Website - More info. here

"To say that right now is the ideal time to make art that speaks directly to the people about social justice is an understatement. Because the very nature of art is to undertake or assume the role of a healer by shading light on the human condition. The sweeping rise in social justice protests amidst a worldwide pandemic has inevitably amplified the need for publicly significant and accessible art.

This mural is influenced by a quote from Toni Morrison that inspires dedication and resilience. “This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” The goal of this mural was twofold: to intentionally iconize women activists and bring to light the role of Black women in the civil rights movement and to build a relationship between art and the public."


City Geode:

*Current as of August 2020*

Quote from Plains Art Museum Website - More info. here

"City Geode, created and installed in May 2019 by students and Professor Josh Zeis from NDSU is the latest creation. In response to the work, the lead artists said, “What is a city? This City Geode incorporates many of the things that we thought a city needs; buildings, streets, electricity, drainage, and above all else, the human spirit. We each put a piece of ourselves into this sculpture. As a result, it has captured our humanity, with beauty in all of its flaws and imperfections.” Plains Art Museum would like to thank all of the artists involved in the creation of City Geode.

Designed by: Anne Argenziano

Maquette Construction: Anne Argenziano, Benjamin Gutowski, Jackie Anderson, Katie Minshall

Sculpture Construction: Anne Argenziano, Benjamin Gutowski, Jackie Anderson, Katie Minshall, Heather Davis, Brent Fleetwood, Sarah Hansen, Hyun Jun In, Clayton Lewandowski, Madison Long, Benjamin Reyes, Jessica Rosenkranz, Brooke Ruebke, Hunter Seminole, Jonathan Sidmore, Janet Tumaini, Sydney Weigel, Claire Wiseman, Seshel Yri, and Professor Joshua Zeis"


Try Art


By Olivia Bain - Youth Teaching Artist at Plains Art Museum

"Try Art was created by a street art camp hosted by Plains Art Museum. Artists Olivia B. and Not_hideuhs led a team of 14 youth to create two murals; Try Art, located on the outside of the Center for Creativity as well as a colorful mural in one of the studios found inside. Try Art is an attempt to encourage viewers to tap into their creative brain to help them relax and process their daily lives. We all agreed that art is a great way to process emotions and feel good about yourself. Go ahead, try art!"


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