Starling Hero

Starling Hero's Story

*Original audio collected 6/26/2020*

Starling Hero (Lauren) is an artist who loves making a positive impact on the community by creating public artworks such as the Mario Wall (completed with Dark Elvis) and her recent mural VFW Wings. Once known as Icky Hiccup (when she worked on the Mario Wall), she has since found the true artist in herself and now goes by Starling Hero. She also enjoys working on commissions for private customers. In this interview, Lauren talks about how she got started in the art community, her style of each piece, and the works she is excited to complete in the future.

Mario Wall Mural

North Art Tour

Partnered with Dark Elvis

A Thought from the Artist:

By Starling Hero (Lauren)

*Original audio collected 6/26/2020*


VFW Wings

North Art Tour

A thought about the piece:

Described by the artist as "patriotic eagle wings", Starling Hero (Lauren) wanted to do this piece to brighten up the VFW building in Roberts Alley and to go along with the new renovations inside. She wanted to do the eagle wings, so people would have something interactive to pose by like the Mario Wall.


Process Photo Credit: Starling Hero

FM International Foods Mural

More Art!

*Pictures Coming Soon*

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