Upper Hand Signs

Cory Gillerstein and Jared Froeber

Upper Hand Sign's Story

*Original audio collected 6/26/2020*

Hear from Cory Gillerstein, one half of the Upper Hand Signs duo, in this artist interview. They used to be known as when they painted the Welcome to Roberts Alley mural in 2015, but have since become Upper Hand Signs! For a typical sign the letters are brightly painted, but for this sign they chose to paint the background and let the white letters pop. This helps the sign feel more like a mural and use more of the painting space.

Welcome to Roberts Alley Mural

North Art Tour

A Thought from the Artists:

By Cory Gillerstein of Upper Hand Signs

*Original audio collected 6/26/2020*


Process Photo Credit: Upper Hand Signs

Check out this awesome video of the mural being made!

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