Off the Main Path


This collection of art is a little off the main path, but if you're up for a walk, or have a car, these pieces like hidden gems.

We also have started an archive to recognize the retired works of public art that have been painted over or taken down throughout the years.

Looking for a place to stop for a snack or a drink on the way? Check out the Sweets and Sips stops!

1) FM International Foods Mural | 2020 | Starling Hero

More info and pictures coming soon!

2) Loving Flower Wall | 2021| Shun Oner


“They gave me free range, so I had the ability to paint whatever I wanted,” the artist [Shun Oner] explained. “This mural in particular is very important to me, as I’m painting it for my daughter. I really just want to take her picture in front of it once a year and for her to know it was for her.” (HPR)

3) Who's Your Hero Mural | 2020 | Starling Hero


Created as part of the Fargo-Moorhead Real Men Wear Pink Campaign, Starling hopes that the mural brings happiness and awareness to breast cancer, but most importantly hope. For a small donation to help with breast cancer awareness, donors could have the name of a loved one with breast cancer painted on the cape as a symbol of hope.

4) Tochi Products Mural | Paul Ide

More info coming soon!

5) Underwater Mural | 2018

Artists Olivia B. and Not_hideuhs led a group of middle school students in a week long art class in Make Room. The piece was created at the conclusion of the class and the adults largely stepped back and let the students take on the work themselves.

Not_Hideuhs said that he hopes the piece does more than brighten up the old service shop. "I'm hoping that these kids can take what they learned from here and try something new with it," he said. "I just want to inspire people with it because people always say they're not creative, and I don't think that's true." (Inforum)

6) Garage Door Mural | Not_hideuhs

More info coming soon!

21+ Bar Art

These are cool art pieces that we didn't want to leave out, but you need to be 21+ to experience them because these are located at bars/breweries!

This section will be completed soon!

Retired Works

We are sad to announce that these works are no longer in existence, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate them!

1) Try Art Mural | 2019

Hosted by Plains Art Museum

"Try Art was created by a street art camp hosted by Plains Art Museum. Artists Olivia B. and Not_hideuhs led a team of 14 youth to create two murals..." -> full quote on artist page

2) Bird Up Mural | 2018 |Not_hideuhs

Image taken from google maps

3) Buttercup the Octopus Mural | 2018 | Olivia Bain

Picture Credit to Artist Olivia Bain

4) Kung Fu Panda Mural | Hip Hop Don't Stop, 2009

5) Skateful Dead | 2015 | Chris Dyer

Painted during a big dance party, this piece honors the Grateful Dead. The building had been scheduled for demolition several times, but we were graced with for longer than we could have hoped!


Painted Bison Statues

Map available if you want to find them all! PDF Map Available

Learn more at

Prairie Public video "Herd About the Prairie: A Visual Art Stampede" about the painted bison available on YouTube.

Vinyl Wrapped Benches

Created through the collaboration of Office Sign Company, Fargo Arts and Culture Commission, The Arts Partnership, and Downtown Fargo, these unique benches can be found throughout Downtown Fargo.

Check out the video of the Hippo Bench below!

Painted Utility Boxes

Created by various artists, these Painted Utility Boxes are located throughout Downtown Fargo. Have fun looking for all the different ones!

For more information check out the Utility Box Project and The Story of Casey and the Utility Boxes

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Pictures by Emily Hopfauf and DeAnna Hurley unless noted otherwise.