Looking for an interactive Adventure?

  1. Download the FREE Adventure Lab App

  2. Create a FREE Geocaching account

  3. Open the app or scan the QR code

  4. Select an Adventure (North or South Art) to begin an interactive tour of public art in downtown Fargo!

Explore the artwork along Broadway and Roberts Alley ranging from creative bike racks to interactive murals. This is Fargo's FIRST Adventure!

This Adventure includes ten unique destinations (plus tons of cool views!) ranging from life-size buffalo to colorful railroad cars.

For a traditional Geocaching experience...

Check out the GeoTour of Fargo-Moorhead! If you're up for a little old fashioned treasure hunting adventure, login to the free geocaching app and take this GeoTour, which is the first tour to include two states! Geocaching is an activity that involves following GPS coordinates to a location where an object or "cache" has been hidden. Caches are located all over the world! Once you join in on the fun, you wont be able to stop.

These Adventures were made possible by The Arts Partnership, Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association, Folkways, and Gia "Giacaches" Rassier.